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Fountains of Whine
Not for the weak of tolerence
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13th-Jul-2009 12:14 pm - Picture me Snoopy Dancing.
made of awesome
Oh yes oh yes I am so excited.  I know I was more than I little bit disappointed by the last written by/directed by/acted by/aimed at women film I saw, and my snippet-review was mostly focused on that aspect because, well, I'm an angry, cynical person, and I don't waste my time talking about things I actually enjoy.  Or something.  But the facts are that I was disappointed because I did enjoy it, immensely, and that even if I didn't I would still be super fucking excited for this movie.  Even if it disappoints me too.  Because movies written by/directed by/acted by/aimed at women are so rare, and ones that revolve around something other than romance/fashion/cheerleading/etc. are even rarer, that just the idea of one makes me want to sing and dance and embarrass myself.  It excites me enough that I'll actually get off my ass and write a journal entry about it.  We can focus on making good movies later; right now it's enough for me that we're making them at all.  tl;dr -- MORE MOVIES LIKE THIS PLEASE.  Keep 'em coming <3

23rd-Jun-2009 09:50 pm - Sunshine Cleaning
made of awesome
There are not a lot of movies that I like.  In fact, I dislike most movies.  So I was terribly excited while in the theater today, when I realized that--a few minor details aside--I was really enjoying the movie.  I fervently started planning my review as the movie played, thinking of all the things I couldn't wait to crow about.  Look, a movie about women that isn't about getting married!  Look, a movie with strong female characters!  Okay, so they felt the need to throw in the subplot about the boy and the Father Figure, but the main point of the movie was relationships between women.  Relationships not based on shopping and painting each other's toenails!  The core of the movie was about strong women and their connection with their mother.  The amount of italics and exclamation points should give you some clue as to how incredibly in love I was with this movie.

But then something strange happened.  We were getting to the good part--all the bad shit had happened, and the characters were revving up to do it again, and get it right this time--and then... it stopped.  No more movie.  I won't even give it the credit of saying it ended.  It was like someone had just lopped off the last 20 minutes of the film.  And I don't mean that they skipped the cutesy, happily-ever-after epilogue.  I mean that we didn't even get to the fucking climax.  It was like if Ocean's Eleven had ended before the heist, or Star Trek had left off with Kirk stranded on that snowy planet, about to get munched by that gnarly alien. 

So I'm not amused.  I had to suffer through Gran Torino for 116 minutes.  I had to stay awake for one hundred and sixty six minutes of Benjamin Button doing absolutely jack shit.  And then Sunshine Cleaning, a movie which I actually liked, had to go and off itself after ninety-one minutes, with no reason or warning, with even less closure than a Dostoevsky novel.  Just bam.  Done.
made of awesome
If you were ordered to become a prison guard for alleged terrorists and live at Guantanamo, what would you find most difficult about your job?
Sneaking the prisoners out, of course!  I imagine they come down rather hard on that, so I'd have to be super sneaky.

Also, prison food.  Would I have to eat the prison food?

made of awesome
I'm writin' up my Russian History notes.  I'm using the male default.  It's kind of a relief :)
20th-Jan-2009 09:45 pm - Elisabeth, take two
made of awesome
Okay, so this is not the entry I expected to post this week, but I ended up reworking that Elisabeth review to show to colleges, and figured I'd post the newer version here.


So, I finally saw Elisabeth in its entirety. Allow me to get the capslock out of the way now? HOLY SHIT THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! I'm going to try and write from a somewhat impartial, sedated view in the entry proper, but I need a quick paragraph to get this out of my system: this is the most amazing, most wonderfully beautiful product of anything that I have ever seen ever! Look, it's ruining my grammar. It is that good. Despite whatever gripes I may describe henceforth, I am completely infatuated with this musical. WAAAAAAH! Moving on.


Click here for big, honkin' review.Collapse )


For those of you interested in pursuing Elisabeth further, here are those links I mentioned:


-The prologue and Wenn Ich Tanzen Will, helpfully translated by a dedicated youtuber.

-Milch, regretfully not subtitled, but I think it's one of those songs that transcends language.

-Elisabeth-Musical.org, a wonderful fansite. Especially this little summary which was invaluable both for my viewing experience and for writing this review.

-Soundofmusic.de in case you are interested in purchasing the DVD. They have an English version of the site, ship abroad, and if you have any questions they can write back quickly and in English.

-You can also buy the mp3 of the Revival Vienna production at amazon. They made a few strange choices with this (they made the 47-second Entr'Acte its own track, rather than sticking it on the beginning of Kitsch, and there are three minutes of applause on the end of Der Schleier fällt), but it's definitely worth it if you like the music.


If you've got any more links (I ain't kidding about that subtitle file), or thoughts on the review, please drop a comment!


So I've started reading New Moon—picked up around where I left off before—and I can't suffer through it without putting up a fight. Taking notes takes too damn long, but if I don't than I'm just a passive victim and I just can't stand that. So I'll go as fast as I can, and post my enraged ranting.

There. Most of a chapter down, 20 and an epilogue more to go. Go teamXP  (And, um, I'm sorry for any format fail.)

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